Our Manufacturing Process


Our pieces go through a special trade craftsmanship and compliance with standardized practices that ensure quality.

The Design Phase :   All jewellery starts out as a design which is sketched and refined into a pattern.

The Crafting Phase :The pattern based on the sketched design is now used to cut out the the shape of the piece. A ring, for example, starts out as a small circle cut from a sheet of Sterling silver. The silver is then melted and poured into a mold that was created based on the pattern. After the molten silver has hardened and set in the mold, it is sanded smooth and soldered into the shape desired.


The Finishing Phase :

The newly formed piece of jewelry is then given "finishing touches", including hammering, decorative etching, buffing to the desired finish (matte or shiny), or the addition of gold fill. Then the piece is carefully fitted with a crystal, gemstone or diamonds.

Rhodium Plating (optional) :

All our 925 Sterling Silver Jewelry Supplies are made with Bezel Setting with Gemstones / Diamonds are either rhodium plated , Gold Plated or Oxidized as it makes it tarnish resistant.
Plating of metal is achieved by soaking jewelry Supplies in a solution that has an electric current running through it - this causes a thin layer of silver/gold etc to build up on the jewelry Supplies )
The setting is then closed, and again the piece is buffed. Then it is washed clean with high-pressure hot air and steam, and left to dry.
After it's been given the best, most professional and highest-quality treatment, Akstar Gem's sparkling silver jewelry Supplies are ready to be used to make high end Jewelry Pieces.