9 Pcs Larimar Connectors, Gemstone Connectors, Wholesale Bulk Jewelry Supplies, 14K Gold Plated over Sterling Silver, 22x11.5mm - 28x14.5mm

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Larimar Gemstone Bezel Connectors 14K Gold Plated over Sterling Silver Drop Shape for Jewelry Making at Wholesale Price.


SIZE : 22x11.5mm - 28x14.5mm ( including loops)

Material: 1 Micron of 14 K Gold Plating over 925 Sterling Silver and AA Grade Faceted Larimar Gemstone.
Lead Free, Nickel Free and Cadmium Free

LARIMAR GEMSTONE : Larimar is a trademarked name for a rare blue, gem-quality variety of the mineral Pectolite. Larimar is an acid silicate hydrate of sodium and calcium. It is colored by copper, which distinguishes it from other forms of pectolite. Most Larimar forms with clusters of needle-like inclusions, often resulting in a slight simple chatoyancy, similar to charoite or pietersite. It has a hardness of 4.5 to 5 on the Mohs scale, approximately the same as apatite, sphene and turquoise. When polished, it exhibits an attractive silky luster. Due to its distinct pattern and colors, there are really no other gemstones commonly mistaken for rare blue Larimar.Larimar is also known as 'the Atlantis stone', based on old legends which claim that the Dominican Republic was once part of the lost city of Atlantis. This association makes Larimar very important in the world of metaphysical gems. It is believed that the energy of Larimar can help to enhance spirituality and communication. It is a stone which is able to soothe emotions, cool tempers and alleviate stress, bringing a feeling of calmness to its wearer.

MICRON GOLD PLATING : The term micron simply refers to one micrometer= 0.000001 meter = 0.001 millimeter. Gold plating is a method of depositing a layer of gold onto a conductive surface. The piece in base metal to be gold plated is immerged in an electrolyte solution with particles of gold which are deposited onto the surface of the base metal.

These beautiful Handmade 14K Gold Plated Sterling Silver Gemstone Larimar Connector are perfect for making any Jewelry Design.

** Please Note that these are Natural Gemstones and vary in Color and Pattern from Piece to Piece **

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